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G3D Graphic Design offers the design of …

  • Adverts, Logo’s, Business Cards, Letter heads …
  • Book layout, Publication typesetting and Cover Design
  • Website Design, Development, Maintenance & Hosting

The initial concept for G&G Graphic Design came about after wondering what could be done to curb the effects of Global Warming and the pervasive earth changes  we face. The answer came to me on earth day, almost a year ago, in the guise of the gecko … I realized that if there was going to be a future for humanity on this planet, we had to commit ourselves completely to its sustainability, and, like the gecko, we have to adhere to trees, the so called ‘lungs of the world’; the primary producers, and the basis of all life.

The gecko can adhere to almost anything, and has survived, albeit not quite in its current form, for at least 85 million years. That’s 42 times longer than anything resembling human, and 325 times longer than the current ‘model’ human. They preceded us, gave us our reptilian brain and took to the skies as birds. We could learn a lot from the gecko, as we begin to get our priorities back into order. Gecko is, quite fittingly, also the name given to the layout engine built into the Mozilla series of web-browsers. Taking all this into account, there really is no greener mascot for graphic design than the gecko.